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Quick Blurb About Common law

Common Law Definition

Common Law is a legal system that was created in England and has served as the basis for other legal systems for English-speaking countries, such as the United States. Common law was created as a way to impose a legal system that would serve as precedent and which could supersede the judgment of lower courts. It is also a common application in the United States to use common law as a precedent system within the implementation of the law.

Common law is different from statutes and legislation and it is not necessarily always contained within written provisions. Therefore, common law can consist of various types of laws encompassing the different applications of a legal system.

In the United States, Common Law is most typically used in reference to certain legal cases that are used for precedent for subsequent and similar cases. Furthermore, the United States also has common law applications at both the state and Federal levels, which oftentimes prove to evolve over time.

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