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Learn About NJ As A Common Law State

Nj As A Common Law State

Common law is a law system that is developed by judges and the decisions of courts. Common laws are used instead of legislative statutes or executive branch actions. In the United States, state laws are created by the state legislature as well as the court system. Therefore, New Jersey (NJ) state laws are both common laws and legislative laws.

The most well-known common law of NJ State laws is found within marriage. When a couple gets married, the decision is approved by and granted through the courts. NJ State laws are not solely considered common laws, whereas California is.

Often, some NJ State laws are generated from the idea of common law. However, most laws are created through State legislation in which the State legislature votes on a bill prior to passing it. After a bill is passed, the laws are then enforced by law enforcement and regulated by the court systems.

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